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Welcome to the Diskology Disk Jockey support request page. At the bottom of this page you will find a support form that will go directly to Diskology support personnel eagerly waiting to help. However, before submitting your request for support, we ask that you read over the following common issues discovered when using the Disk Jockey PRO. The majority of problems can be solved following the troubleshooting steps below.

Support for Disk Jocky Ultra Portable IT and Forensics models and the original Disk Jockey.

Support for Disk Jockey PRO IT and Forensics

Q: Can different capacity HDDs be copied?
A. Yes. If copying from a smaller to a larger capacity HDD, all data will be copied. If copying from a larger to a smaller capacity HDD, copy will end when the smaller HDD has reach full capacity - hence all the larger capacity HDD data WILL NOT be copied.

Q. Once I copy a smaller hard disk drive to a larger hard disk drive on a PC, how do I make the rest of the space on the new disk available for use?
A. <NOTE - This process will only work on NTFS formatted volumes> We have tested this process in the Diskology laboratory running Windows XP, although it should work with Win2K as well.

  1. Open a command prompt window (Start Menu->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt)
  2. Enter the Diskpart utility (type the command "diskpart").
  3. List the volumes available on the system (type "list volume" at the DISKPART> prompt).
  4. Select the volume to expand (type "select volume #" at the DISKPART> prompt - where # is the volume number displayed in the volume list).
  5. Expand the volume to include all free space on the disk directly after the selected volume (type "extend" at the DISKPART> prompt).
  6. Unless DISKPART reported an error, the volume will be extended (type "list volume" at the DISKPART> prompt again and it will show the new size of the volume).
  7. See next question if all else fails.

Q. (from a real, live user) I did the above steps and it didn't work? What did I do wrong? We threw out the number 1 tech response to this type of problem, "we've never seen that problem before, can you try to do it again?" to which the customer replied (thank goodness!)...
. I found a fix for this problem because we have had this problem more than once. After we copy a disk using the Disk Jockey and the free space will not show we then boot up into the Win XP disk utility and let the Win XP format
utility find the hidden free space and we then format it (Quick) and then reboot into XP and the free space shows up in my computer.

Q. Can I copy 2 HDDs with different RPM speeds or data transfer rates?
A. Yes, however if the PATA-HDD is no Ultra-DMA compatible you may need to change the data transfer rate setting of the Disk Jockey PRO under the “Options” menu.

Q. Can I copy HDDs which contain other operation systems, such as Linux, Unix, even a proprietary operating system?
A. Yes, the DJ PRO does an exact sector-by-sector copy, it works independent of the file system or data format. If the two HDDs are identical, i.e. manufacturer, model number, capacity, you can typically boot from the copied-to HDD. If the HDDs are not the same, it may depend on how the operating system treats the newly copied-to drive. This may be dependent upon the BIOS of your computer.

Q. Can I copy HDDs that contain bad sectors?
Yes! It is important, however, to remember that the DJ PRO is not a data recovery took, and cannot read data that a PC cannot read. However, the DJ PRO CAN skip unreadable sectors and copy only sectors that is can read. Please keep in mind that the data copied from a drive that contains bad sectors may or may not be readable.

Q. If I try to copy 2 different manufacturers same capacity HDDs, a “WRN” (warning) message is returned?
The same capacity HDDs of different manufacturers will have minor capacity differences. Also, the same model number from the same manufacturer can have minor capacity differences depending on the different lot-numbers of the drives.

Q. Can I copy SCSI HDDs?
No, unfortunately the DJ PRO does not support copying SCSI drives, even with an IDE to SCSI adapter.

Q. What is the copy speed, how long will it take to copy a drive?
Depending upon the speed of the drive, one can expect to see copy speeds from 1 GB to 4 GB/minute. Best case scenario a 40 GB drive can be copied in only 10 minutes.

Q. Is it necessary to pre-format the “Destination Disk” before beginning the copy?
No, you do not need to pre-format the destination HDD. The DJ-PRO will copy the same file system / format information of the source HDD onto the destination drive.

Thank you for reading through these troubleshooting tips and suggestions. You can find more on our FAQ page. If you still would like to email a support representative please do so through the online form below.

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