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ImageMASSter Solo-IV IT

Designed exclusively for IT data duplication, the ImageMASSter Solo-IV IT data imaging tool is a light weight, portable hand-held device that can copy data to one or two target drives at speeds exceeding 3GB/Min.

The ImageMASSter Solo-3 IT is a complete, inclusive High Speed Data Duplication Tool that integrates all the latest advanced features in data imaging. It is capable of copying data from IDE and laptop drives, Serial ATA and SCSI drives as well as Flash Cards. With the integrated Link MASSter Option, data can be copied from unopened computers using the FireWire or USB2 interface. The source's hard drive is write protected and you can copy data to 2 targets hard drives simultaneously.


  • Extreme Speed Built for Today's and Tomorrow's Hard Drive Technology: Built to work with the fastest hard drives available, Solo-4 captures, authenticates and sanitizes at SATA-2 speed (18 GB/min top capability). This technology not only allows the unit to take advantage of today's fastest hard drive speeds but also allows the user to be prepared for tomorrow's future hard drive speed improvements.

  • Multiple "Master" Side Connections: 2 SATA/SAS connections and 2 USB 2.0 connections (Operator can choose to use either the SAS/SATA connection or the USB connection for each of the two "Master" positions) Unit features built-in support for imaging of a RAID drive pair (0,1,JBOD).
    IDE drive adapter included. Optional drive adapters for 1.8", 2.5" ZIF, and proprietary interface/Laptop drives, and Micro Media Cards including Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, Multi Media cards, etc. Cross Copy support allows user to image any "Master" Drive interface to any "Target" Drive Interface. (ie. IDE "Master" drive to a SATA "Target" drive)
    All "Suspect" Drive connections are permanently write-protected at all times to prevent changing of "Suspect" Data (cannot be disabled)

  • Multiple "Target" Side Connections: 2 SATA/SAS connections and 2 USB 2.0 connections. Optional Drive Adapters will allow imaging to many other drive formats including external RAID devices.

  • Multiple Operational Modes: Captures "Master" drives to one "Target" Drive (Single Copy Mode), Captures "Master" drive to two "Target" drives (Multi Copy Mode), Captures two "Master" Drives to two "Target Drives (Parallel Copy), Drive Wiping and Sanitization, Drive Hashing (SHA-1, SHA-2). All processes are done simultaneously with no speed degradation.

  • Multiple Imaging Formats: 100% Copy (bit-by-bit), Linux DD images (industry standard), and E01 imaging files (EnCase forensic file format) on a "Evidence" Hard Drive or USB storage device. User can define the size of the Linux DD segments.

  • Multiple File Format Support: Seize Data using Raw Mirror Capture Format, Raw Segment File Format or Encase (E01) File Format.

  • "On the fly" Drive Image Encryption: Built-in DiskCypher technology allows the full encryption (AES 192/256) of Forensic Images. The process is done without speed degradation during the acquisition process.

  • Windows XP Operating System: Solo-4 runs on the highly stable and proved Windows XP Embedded Operating System. Unit can be customized to individual organization needs upon request.

  • Drive Spanning: Solo-4 allows for the imaging from one large "Master" Drive to multiple smaller "Target" Drives.

  • Image Restore: Restore a previously captured DD or E01 Image to a fully bootable 100% working copy.

  • Drive Wiping: Supports single pass or full DoD Sanitization.

  • Multiple Hash Verifications: SHA-1, SHA-2, MD-5* of the "Master" Hard Drive and DD Images.

  • Uploads "Master" Images to Network Storage: Solo-4 forensically uploads "Suspect" Data Images to Networked Storage Area using 1 Gigabit Ethernet Connection for the purpose of processing and archiving forensic images.

  • Preview "Master" Data directly on the unit: Preview active files on the "Suspect" Drive utilizing Windows XP file viewers.

    Additional Items:

    • Supply Voltage: 100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz 400Watt Universal Auto switching input voltage
    • Power Consumption: 9W
    • Operating Temperature: 5 degrees - 55 degrees C
    • Relative Humidity: 20% - 60% non-condensing
    • Unit Net Weight: 5.35 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions: 10.6" W x 3.8" H x 7.7"D ( 270 x 98 x 194 mm)

      Packing List Includes
    • Solo-4 Standalone Unit
    • 4 SAS Data Cables and Power combo cables
    • 1 IDE to SAS Adapter
    • 1 IDE Power Cable
    • 1 IDE Data Cable
    • 1 2.5” Drive Adapter
    • 1 2.5" power Cable
    • 1 PS 150watt
    • 1 Power Cord
    • 1 Touch Pen
    • 1 User Guide

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