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Diskology to Offer Special Version of VolumeWorks from SubRosaSoft to Mac Clients with Disk Jockey

- New version of partition management tool adds support specifically for Disk Jockey -

Lincoln, CA 6/24/2004 Diskology, Inc. announced a partnership today with New Zealand-based Macintosh software developer, Ltd., that will bring a special version of SubRosaSoft’s VolumeWorks V1.1 to Disk Jockey Macintosh user base. VolumeWorks solves a crucial problem previously facing Disk Jockey’s Macintosh users where additional space left over after cloning a smaller hard disk drive onto a larger one was then unusable.

Previously, Macintosh users cloning a smaller IDE hard disk drive to a larger IDE hard disk drive were unable to recover the unused space. This functionality is built into the Windows OS severely limiting Diskology’s Macintosh customer base to people interested in copying only to like-sized drives, or to users looking to take advantage of the Disk Jockey’s remaining features including: mirroring, spanning, testing, comparing and erasing UDMA IDE hard disk drives.

“We have been waiting for a product like VolumeWorks for a very, very long time,” said Tony Overbay, Diskology CEO. “This easy-to-use partition management program makes recovering the unused space on a Mac drive a simple process.”

“Adding functionality to one of our newest products to support the Disk Jockey user base is an exciting new area for us to work in” said Marko Kostyrko, CEO Ltd. “The combination of our software and the Disk Jockey creates a complete OS X solution for managing and copying your hard drives – without losing any space or performance.”

Diskology has already drawn some interest in the Mac area by recently announcing that their own flagship software product, Disk Junk, will allow people to use the Disk Jockey to copy hard disk drives from their digital video recorders (DVRs) and then expand the new, larger drives to allow for more recording space on a Macintosh desktop or laptop computer. Disk Junk is expected to be ready for a July release date.

This special version of VolumeWorks will be available online via the Diskology web store for $24.95 and will also be available as a bundle with Disk Jockey’s purchased directly from Diskology, or via Diskology’s many resellers. More information on the full version of VolumeWorks is available at the SubRosaSoft web page, More information on the Disk Jockey or the special Disk Jockey version of VolumeWorks is available on the Diskology web page,

The Disk Jockey is a Swiss Army Knife of a hard disk copy / backup / diagnostic tool. The Disk Jockey mounts IDE hard disk drives via USB 2.0 and Firewire as well as mirrors, spans, copies, compares, tests and erases hard disk drives using either a 1-pass or a 3-pass erase per the National Security Administration (NSA) guidelines. Testimonials on how the Disk Jockey is being used by IT and MIS departments can be found on the Diskology website.

About Diskology, Inc.
Diskology, Inc. with headquarters in Lincoln, California, is a leading manufacturer of mid-range to high-end hardware-based hard disk copy and diagnostic tools. Diskology’s product lineup includes the Disk Jockey™, the revolutionary new “Swiss Army Knife” of hard disk copy, backup and diagnostic products. The Disk Jockey copies, mounts, mirrors, spans, tests, verifies and erases hard disks at lightening fast speeds. More information on Diskology can be found on the Diskology web site,

About Ltd
Founded in 2002, Ltd is a New Zealand based company specialized in privacy related and system utility software. SubRosaSoft's design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software.

For more information, contact Ltd by e-mail at or visit

New Zealand-based developer SubRosaSoft Ltd. announced the availability of VolumeWorks 1.1 . The new version of the partition management tool features a bootable Mac OS X CD option that supports the latest Macs, partition shifting for combining multiple free volume spaces into one, support for Diskology's Disk Jockey and a new user interface


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