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Diskology Releases Disk Jockey, Inexpensive Hard Disk Copy and Diagnostic Tool is 7 Products Rolled Into One!

- High speed bit-level copies are only one of the functions of this unique hard disk diagnostic tool, product also tests, mirrors, spans, mounts and erases hard disk drives -

LINCOLN, CA 10/15/2003 Diskology released the Disk Jockey today. The Disk Jockey is an inexpensive, revolutionary new hard disk copy and diagnostic tool that allows users to copy data between IDE hard disk drives at lightening fast speeds while maintaining all of the attributes of the original hard disk, including hidden folders, multiple partitions and operating system files.

The Disk Jockey is a veritable Swiss army knife of disk diagnostic tools as it includes 7 functions in one hardware product. In addition to the high-speed data copies, the Disk Jockey also mirrors data between two hard disk drives, spans two hard disks to look like one logical volume to the computer, tests hard disk drives at the block level and verifies data that has been copied between drives is intact. The Disk Jockey can also mount hard disk drives to the desktop of your Windows or Macintosh computer to be used as standard desktop storage. The Disk Jockey can also erase hard disk drives quickly and securely using either a one-pass or three-pass erase per the National Security Administration (NSA) guidelines.

“The Disk Jockey is an amazing hard disk copy and diagnostic tool,” said Tony Overbay, CEO of Diskology. “We tried to include all of the features necessary for this product to become a mainstay on a technicians bench, an integrators lab or on the desktop of a high-end computer user.”

The Disk Jockey works either as a stand alone duplicator and diagnostic product or attached to a Windows or Macintosh computer connected via either firewire (IEEE 1394) or USB 2. The product is also backward compatible with USB 1.1. The Disk Jockey works with any size drive that supports Ultra DMA and requires no additional hardware drivers when used with Windows or Macintosh operating systems that include native USB or firewire support.

The Disk Jockey carries a suggested retail price of $349, a fraction of the cost of similar hardware-based disk copy and diagnostic tools and is available online via the Diskology web site, More information can be found by accessing the Diskology web site or by emailing

About Diskology...
Diskology, with headquarters in Lincoln, California, is a leading manufacturer of mid-range to high-end hardware-based hard disk copy and diagnostic tools. Diskology’s product lineup includes the Disk Jockey™, the revolutionary new “Swiss Army Knife” of hard disk copy and diagnostic products. The Disk Jockey copies, mounts, mirrors, spans, tests, verifies and erases hard disks at lightening fast speeds. More information on Diskology can be found on the Diskology web site,


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Diskology Releases Disk Jockey, Inexpensive Hard Disk Copy and Diagnostic Tool is 7 Products Rolled Into One!

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