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Introducing the worlds most affordable combination disk copy and write blocking tool designed for the computer forensic market. The Disk Jockey PRO Forensic Edition includes features designed specifically for the computer forensic market including:

"...if you're a drive juggler, you'll find the Disk Jockey the greatest thing since mounting rails. Better, actually."

  • Department of Defense (DoD) 7-pass secure erase
  • Write protection to the “Source” port of the Disk Jockey, data can never be written to a suspect’s drive attached to the “Source” port of the Disk Jockey regardless of what mode the device is in.
  • The ability to copy the Host Protected Area (HPA) and Drive Configuration Overlay (DCO) areas of a hard disk drive.
  • Can be used as purely a USB 2.0 write blocking device. Attach a suspect drive to the Disk Jockey and connect the Disk Jockey to your Windows or Macintosh computer in write protect mode for data searches and investigation of a suspect’s drive.

The Disk Jockey PRO is still the world's most versatile hard disk diagnostic and copy tool, only now it can fit inside the palm of your hand. The Disk Jockey PRO can be used with your Windows or Macintosh computer connected via the high-speed USB 2.0 ports or it can be used as a stand alone unit. Disk Jockey lets you mount drives to your desktop, copy data between hard disks at lightening speeds, verify, test and erase hard disks including the new Department of Defense (DoD) standard 7-pass erase. The new Disk Jockey PRO now includes both 2.5" and 3.5" cables so you can use it with both desktop and laptop hard disk drives. There is no need to purchase a laptop adapter.

Disk Jockey PRO. Multiple modes to suit your needs.
We mean it, the Disk Jockey PRO is versatile, useful, clever and unmatched in value. It has 7 modes built-in which allow you to do just about anything for less.

Fast Disk to Disk Copies - Fast, block-level, hard disk to hard disk copies, no computer required. Copy hard disks without the use of extra software at speeds that will blow your mind! Imagine setting up your company's systems in less time than ever before!

Disk Copy Verification - Allows you to verify that the copy you just made is an exact duplicate ensuring that you have no loss of data.

Hard Disk Read Test - Disk Jockey PRO will perform a sector by sector hard disk read test on your drives allowing you to get a better feel for the overall health of your hard disk.

Standalone HD Mode - Mount one or two hard disks to the desktop of your Macintosh or Windows computer through USB 2.0 without installing any extra drivers.

Two, two, two Levels of Erase - Disk Jockey PRO offers you two levels of disk erasure. First is the quick, one-pass hard disk data erase which does exactly that. The second featured erase technique is the Department of Defense (DoD) 7-pass erase for ultimate security. Perfect for government applications when security is imperative.

Yes, it's Built-In! - Disk Jockey PRO now has built-in SATA connections! No more adapters.

Disk Jockey PRO. What's in the box?

  • Disk Jockey PRO (of course!)
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • 2.5” HDD flat cable x 2
  • 3.5” HDD flat cable x 2
  • SATA Cable x 2
  • SATA power cable x2
  • Custom AC adapter
  • Custom AC cable
  • Custom electrostatic mat x2
  • Users guide or quickstart guide
  • Hours of hard disk bliss

We know that you're really a techie, check out the Disk Jockey PRO's Technical Specs.

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